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CCPA California Consumer Privacy Act

Relentless CCPA assessment Identifies gaps, assesses risk, and improves the maturity of your CCPA readiness programme

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 Relentless California Consumer Privacy Act Priorities Assessment

 When it comes into effect on July 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) will transform how covered companies interact with customer data, establish new penalties and liability for the personal information that they collect, sell and disclose. and, companies will now have to account for any data that can be linked, associated or related to California residents and households.

 Relentless privacy and Compliance Services  delivers the data  privacy expertise to ensure your compliance .

 Relentless  consultants assess your privacy posture against the core requirements of the CCPA, and provide a prioritized, step-by-step implementation plan for efficiently managing CCPA compliance.

 Where our clients

 The deep expertise of our consulting team is augmented by our bespoke CCPA compliance tracker’s — powerful assessment process  that ensures the assessment is comprehensive, complete and accurate. The assessment helps streamline and manage the entire process.

 If your company is subject to GDPR requirements, we will also review overlap between CCPA and key GDPR requirements. Incorporate program controls into your long term plan.

 Relentless three step  plan for CCPA compliance

 Step One

CCPA Assessment

Initial assessment to determine the scope and identify gaps involving a comprehensive questionnaire mapped to all  CCPA articles.

Step two

CCPA Remediation Planning

Develop a prioritized action plan with specific remediation recommendations, schedule, and budget / resource estimates.

Step Three

CCPA Compliance Information

Full implementation of the phase two plan including final audit report

 Let’s work together on your CCPA readiness  project to ensure your organisation is compliant protecting your brand, customer trust and finances.

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