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Cut the costs of locating, managing, and protecting your valuable data with Relentless data discovery services.


Why Data Discovery Matters

Do you know where your data is stored?

Would you be able to meet a Subject Access Request (SAR) on time?

According to the Information Commissioner’s Office, some 91% of organisations wouldn’t. If you’re one of them, you may be at risk of a hefty fine should an SAR come in.

Not that privacy regulation compliance is the only reason to get a clear picture of the data your company holds.

The ability to easily locate and effectively manage your data can increase the value of that data and help you use it to achieve your long-term business goals.

This is where data discovery scanning proves invaluable, providing your organisation with a comprehensive, dynamic overview of your entire data layout.

At Relentless Privacy & Compliance, we make this process simple, easy and affordable with our innovative discovery scan service.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Data Discovery Scanning

The Benefits of Outsourcing Data Discovery Scanning

Of course, you could always opt for in-house data discovery software, but let’s face it:

Such solutions can be incredibly costly and, given how infrequently they’re used, rarely provide a solid return on investment.

Fortunately, there is a better way.

Launched in partnership with award-winning cybersecurity innovators GeoLang, data discovery scanning services from Relentless eliminate the expensive overheads involved in tracking your data.

For one affordable fee, you’ll receive:

A Complete HERO Report

Using next-generation machine-learning algorithms, our data scanning solution goes through your entire infrastructure (including external drives and cloud-based services) to locate all types of data including:

1: Personally Identifiable (PII)

2: Payment Card Industry (PCI)

3: Intellectual Property (IP)

4: HIPAA, and GDPR-related information.

We then deliver a comprehensive overview of that data, all presented in one clear, easy-to-follow HERO report.

What will scan as a service deliver

It will generate an executive summary “HERO” Report, providing organisations with a dynamic overview of their data, their current risk profile, the potential value of that risk, and how much of that risk has been mitigated. GeoLang consultants will augment the dynamic report with “work packages,” detailing key findings and recommended actions for remediation – including training and policies.

What are the benefits for using the service

The aim is to significantly reduce costly overheads and time-to-action, supporting IT security departments with often limited resources, to deploy and manage a fully-fledged data discovery service. It also creates an opportunity to automate inform, guide and train end users on appropriate data use and remediation options when matches are found.

Improved Risk Management

Data discovery scanning also helps us to identify the risks associated with your data and determine the potential value of that risk.

From there, we can provide you with a set of recommended actions to mitigate that risk and improve your organisation’s data protection measures.

Enhanced Compliance

With a complete data audit, you can identify the steps you need to take to ensure compliance with international data privacy regulations including PII, PCI, GDPR, IP, HIPAA.


Expert Guidance

Your data discovery service is delivered by industry-leading global privacy consults, on hand to offer advice, guidance and recommendations to improve the way your company tracks, utilizes and protects your data.

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6 Delivery Value Adds

See the Benefits

Data Discovery

Find, audit and report on sensitive or valuable company data.


Adhere to data governance and remediation non-compliance (inc. PII, PCI, GDPR, IP, HIPAA).

Budgetary Buy In

Prove the ROI and effectiveness of Sensitive Data Discovery in your business.

Company Insight

Identify areas of improvement for staff training and company policy.

Expert Advice

Work with industry-leading Sensitive Data Discovery consultants.

IT Support

Receive support for IT security departments with limited resource.

Value and Risk

Generate our propriety Hero report  executive summary

Data Value

Track the estimated value of  discovered Sensitive data, mitigated risk and outstanding risk exposure

Test Phase

Conduct a passive test of Ascema Sensitive data discovery in a working environment using live  enterprise data with expert support

Search, Locate and Audit unstructured data

Use built in machine learning algorithms to search, locate and audit sensitive unstructured data  across  endpoints, servers, external drives, cloud apps and cloud storage.

Risk Mitigation

Receive “work packages ” with key findings and recommended actions for remediation, including training and policies

Data Strategy

Use the data for business strategy planning to answer questions on compliance and resilience, and to understand the impact and effectiveness of data discovery within your business.

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