We support organisation’s Data Protection Officers (DPO’s) by providing them with a support service to cover vacations, sickness, heavy workload periods and open DPO vacancy gaps. Your organization gains access to our team, benefiting from our experience and expertise helping them to maintain compliance with GDPR data protection act.

 Expert  Support Service For DPO’s

Relentless DPO Support Service has been designed with internal Data Protections Officers in mind. We provide resilient  support to your internally appointed DPO, giving them access to advice and guidance from our team of data privacy  experts, and making sure your organisation has the necessary expertise at hand should the DPO be unavailable through holidays or sickness or where the DPO position is not currently filled.

Attempting to keep abreast  of  the ever-changing landscape of data protection can feel like an overwhelming task, The Data Protection Officer role  is tasked with advising an organisation of their legal obligations to data protection law, and to monitor continual compliance to ensure those standards are met.

Since the new data protection law came into force on 25th May 2018 there has been a marked increase in data subject access requests and data breaches being reported to controllers, processors and  the authorities, prompting Data Protection Officers to review processes, policies, risk assessments and technology challenges. This important exercise requires time and resources subsequently leaving many unable to adequately and confidently fulfill their duty.

There is good news! The GDPR requires an organisation to support their Data Protection Officer by ‘providing resources necessary’ and to ‘maintain his or her expert knowledge’. It is the responsibility of the Data Protection Officer and the organisation to appropriately review and apply resources where they are required.

Giving Data Protection Officers and organisations, expert advice  and support through our independent and professional services.

Relentless Privacy and Compliance Services  supports Data Protection Officers and their organisations through a variety of tried and tested resources delivered by a multi faceted  team of data protection consultants. So, whether your DPO requires ad hoc support, independent general or process specific auditing, training or project consultation we have it covered.

Let’s ensure your  compliance together, call 44 0121 5820192 to speak with a Relentless Consultant.


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