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Demonstrate  GDPR Compliance With Relentless GDPR Assessment

Relentless  GDPR assessment enables organisations big and small  to demonstrate their GDPR compliance efforts and status, using our  bespoke,  GDPR maturity  assessment report.

Relentless GDPR Assessment

Identifies gaps, assess risks, and improves the maturity of your GDPR data privacy compliance program

While GDPR Articles 40-43 contain provisions outlining certification programs and codes of conduct that may be established in the future, companies are seeking efficient, independent ways to benchmark and report on their GDPR data privacy efforts now.

Improving your data privacy compliance programme will require a full GAP analysis. Determine areas where any improvements or remediation actions can be made, and incorporate privacy  controls into your main business operations.

The Relentless  consultancy team assess your current privacy  position against the core requirements of the GDPR, and provide a detailed , step-by-step implementation plan for efficiently managing GDPR data privacy compliance.

The deep expertise of the Relentless  team is augmented by our bespoke GDPR compliance toolkit  that ensures the assessment is comprehensive, complete and accurate. The GDPR GDPR  toolkit  helps streamline, manage and report on  the entire process.


Our proven, 3-step process to develop a comprehensive GDPR action plan:

Phase one

Assess Your GDPR Status

The Relentless consultancy team will assess your GDPR   compliance across all organisational units and deliver  a full summary report of gaps, risks and remediation recommendations.

Phase Two

Develop Plan

The Relentless consultancy team will Develop a detailed  action plan with specific remediation recommendations, a full statement of works needed and a fixed price for  delivery ensuring your costs will remain in control.

 Phase Three

The full Implementation of Phase two, together with a full audit report to verify delivery. Our implementation plans are aimed to be as frictionless as possible allowing your organisation to concentrate on  operations whilst the Relentless team delivers your GDPR Compliance strategy.

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