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Is your GDPR compliance 100% up-to-date? Find out with a comprehensive data privacy assessment from Relentless.




Relentless GDPR Discovery and Maturity Assessment


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It’s been two long years since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation first came into force. At the time, you did the best you could to ensure your organisation remained on the right side of the law. However, much has changed since then.

Whether it’s new technologies which impact the way you operate, a shift in your overall corporate culture, or even that close-call you had with a potential data breach last year, your organisation isn’t the same as it was back in May 2108.

As such, the compliance measures you took back then may no longer be fit for purpose, leaving you vulnerable to data risks and hefty non-compliance penalties.

That’s where we come in.

The Relentless GDPR Privacy Maturity Assessment takes an in-depth look at your business across ten key areas. Using this assessment, our experienced privacy specialists can provide you with

  • Your exact, up-to-date GDPR compliance status
  • A comprehensive gap analysis to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement
  • A complete remediation report outlining the exact steps you need to take to achieve full compliance.

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The Ten Core Assessment Areas

There are ten key areas which impact your business’ compliance status. Our GDPR assessment model covers each of them.

Policy and Procedure Management

How does your organisation define, document, communicate and assign accountability for your privacy policies and procedures?



How does your organisation notify data subjects about your privacy policies and procedures and the purposes for which you collect and use personal information?


Choice and Consent

How do you outline the choices available to data subjects about the data they disclose? What methods do you use to gain consent?



What methods do you use to collect personal information from your data subjects?


Use, Retention and Disposal.

Is your organisation using data only for the purposes described in your privacy notice and only for the purposes your data subjects have consented to?

Are you retaining data only for as long as is necessary?

Once that data is no longer required, are you disposing of it appropriately?

Access Rights

How do you respond to data rights requests including DSARs (Data Subject Access Requests), requests for information to be updated, or the right to erasure?

Third Party Disclosure

If your organisation discloses personal data to third parties, is this done in a way that is fully GDPR compliant?


Security for privacy

What physical, technical and logistical measures are in place to protect the data you store against unauthorised access?


Data Quality

Is the data you collect and store accurate? Is it complete and relevant to the purposes identified in your privacy notice?


Monitoring and Enforcement

How does your organisation monitor compliance with your

privacy policies and procedures? What steps are in place to deal with privacy-related complaints and disputes?

Get Ahead of The Privacy Regulatory Curve

Complete 360 Privacy Maturity Report, Gap Analysis and Remediation Steps

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Advantages of Using the Privacy Maturity Model

The Relentless GDPR data privacy assessment provides organisations with a useful and effective means of assessing their privacy program against a recognized maturity model and has the
added advantage of identifying the next steps required to move the privacy program ahead. The assessment can also measure progress against both internal and external benchmarks. Further, it can be used to measure the progress of both specific projects and the entity’s overall privacy initiative.

Getting Started

The Relentless  GDPR  Data Privacy  model   can be used to set benchmarks for organizations starting out can be used by organizations that have an existing privacy function and some components of a privacy program. The Relentless  GDPR  Data Privacy  model​ provides structured means to assist in identifying and documenting current privacy initiatives, determining status and assessing it against the Global privacy maturity model criteria.

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