GDPR Compliance

We help organisations overcome the challenges associated with data protection compliance.

Independent Expertise

Relentless  DPO as a Service enables you to achieve compliance through a cost effective and affordable appointment of an external data protection officer, satisfying the requirement of expert knowledge, independence, authority and responsibility.

Managed Approach

Designed with a managed approach to data privacy compliance, our DPO as a Service ensures that risks are proactively identified before they become a liability.

Reduced Risk

Auditing, DPIAs and organisational awareness training help to keep you compliant and reduce your overall risk.

, GDPR Outsourced DPO Service, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom
, GDPR Outsourced DPO Service, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom

Get GDPR Right

It’s important under GDPR to make the right appointment. A DPO must have the relevant experience and knowledge, they also need to act independently and without a conflict of interest. 

Choosing to appoint an outsourced DPO ensures that independence, experience and knowledge are all met while delivering significant cost savings and GDPR compliance.

Save Thousands of Pounds

Outsourcing your DPO role can save you over £20,000 compared to hiring your own internal staff.

Official Appointment

We act as the contact point for the supervisory authority on issues relating to processing, including the prior consultation referred to in Article 36, and to consult where required to ensure that you remain complaint with GDPR.

GDPR Compliance

DPO as a Service


We help organisations overcome the challenges associated with data protection compliance. 

A team of experienced experts made up of Global data privacy experts 

Located in the United Kingdom but operating in 6 global regions our bespoke outsourced services are tailormade for organisations of any size

Drawing on decades of experience, our team gives you a leading edge in protecting your brand and reputation from the risks associated with non-compliance and exposure under GDPR. 

Our DPO as a Service outsourcing prepares your organisation to comply with GDPR. Our methodology is one of continuous compliance, ensuring that no matter what changes take place within your organisation you will remain compliant with GDPR. 

Our DPO services are scalable allowing small businesses, PLCs, schools and charities to benefit from our data protection expertise.

, GDPR Outsourced DPO Service, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom

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