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The Easier Way to Measure Your Compliance With International Privacy Laws


Managing compliance with one set of data privacy regulations can be challenging enough, but as a growing, international business, you’re quickly finding that staying on top of different laws for every operational region takes that challenge to a whole new level.

Without proper planning and effective management, the journey towards compliance can become so complicated that some processes are unnecessarily duplicated while others are overlooked altogether.

The result is not only a drain on your physical and financial resources but also potential privacy risks that could cost your organisation in the long run.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Delivering a complete 360° view of your compliance, the Relentless Global Privacy Maturity Assessment helps you to take stock, take control, and take action to simplify and streamline your data protection measures.

In doing so, your organisation is better equipped to create an efficient, cost-effective global privacy program that helps you minimise risk and maximise the value of your data while improving compliance with major regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, PDPA and more.


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Three Key Benefits of a Data Maturity Assessment


Our findings and recommendations are presented in simple, easy-to-follow documents so that busy senior executives can get a clear, immediate picture of your compliance status.


The Relentless global privacy assessment framework can be applied to both specific projects and your overall infrastructure.


By taking a standard approach to compliance with each applicable regulation, we help your organisation to cut the costs of data privacy without cutting corners, all at an affordable rate within your budget.


Why Choose the Relentless Global Privacy Maturity Model?

Maturity models are a tried-and-trusted method of measuring an organisation’s progress against specific, established benchmarks.

With regards to privacy, they recognise the value of making progress and help organisations identify the benefit of each step they take towards complete compliance.

They also prove invaluable in helping organisations like yours identify areas where achieving a maximum maturity level may not be necessary, helping you to free up resources that could be better invested in more critical areas.

At Relentless, we use our global privacy maturity model to help your organisation:

1: Gain a clear understanding of your current compliance status

2: Identify and remediate privacy risks

3: Identify how data privacy can help you achieve your primary business objectives

4: Create a streamlined privacy program to improve compliance with multiple international regulations.


The Ten Core Assessment Areas

There are ten key areas which impact your business’ compliance status. Our GDPR assessment model covers each of them.

Policy and Procedure Management

How does your organisation define, document, communicate and assign accountability for your privacy policies and procedures?



How does your organisation notify data subjects about your privacy policies and procedures and the purposes for which you collect and use personal information?


Choice and Consent


How do you outline the choices available to data subjects about the data they disclose? What methods do you use to gain consent?



What methods do you use to collect personal information from your data subjects?


Use, Retention and Disposal.

Is your organisation using data only for the purposes described in your privacy notice and only for the purposes your data subjects have consented to?

Are you retaining data only for as long as is necessary?

Once that data is no longer required, are you disposing of it appropriately?

Access Rights

How do you respond to data rights requests including DSARs (Data Subject Access Requests), requests for information to be updated, or the right to erasure?

Third Party Disclosure

If your organisation discloses personal data to third parties, is this done in a way that is fully GDPR compliant?


Security for privacy

What physical, technical and logistical measures are in place to protect the data you store against unauthorised access?


Data Quality

Is the data you collect and store accurate? Is it complete and relevant to the purposes identified in your privacy notice?


Monitoring and Enforcement

How does your organisation monitor compliance with your

privacy policies and procedures? What steps are in place to deal with privacy-related complaints and disputes?

Get Ahead of The Privacy Regulatory Curve

Complete 360 Privacy Maturity Report, Gap Analysis and Remediation Steps

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Advantages of Using the Privacy Maturity Model

The Relentless global maturity assessment provides organisations with a useful and effective means of assessing their privacy program against a recognized maturity model and has the
added advantage of identifying the next steps required to move the privacy program ahead. The assessment can also measure progress against both internal and external benchmarks. Further, it can be used to measure the progress of both specific projects and the entity’s overall privacy initiative.

Getting Started

The Global Privacy maturity model   can be used to set benchmarks for organizations starting out can be used by organizations that have an existing privacy function and some components of a privacy program. The Global Privacy Assessment provides structured means to assist in identifying and documenting current privacy initiatives, determining status and assessing it against the Global privacy maturity model criteria.

We asked Robert to come in and do an audit for us in the lead up the introduction of PDPA in Thailand. He spent a week with us and was forensic in his approach. His report has left us a lot to think about and act upon. Compared to other firms offering the same thing, the price was very reasonable and they have experience in the SE Asia market, so the advice is refreshingly specific rather than generic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Relentless Privacy Services. Dr T. J. Jefferis, Second Master

Dr Tim Jefferis

Second Master, Harrow International School Bangkok

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