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Data mapping and compliance with GDPR Article 30

A Complete, Cloud-Based GDPR Solution

24/7 by name, 24/7 by nature, your comprehensive data privacy hub is available anywhere, any time via our secure cloud-based platform. This means you can get right to work on carrying out essential compliance tasks without having to download or install anything.

As an online solution, GDPR 24/7 also guarantees the peace of mind that comes from knowing that even if your hardware or network is compromised, your data privacy work is still safe, secure, and accessible.


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Dedicated Data Mapping Tool

Data mapping is essential to achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance, making it easy for any business to track and make sense of all collected data and data processing activities.

A data map can prove invaluable in outlining exactly what types of data you hold, where that data is stored and who has access to it. Used correctly, a data map can also help you manage tasks relating to data subject rights such as access requests, data rectification and ‘the right to be forgotten.’

It’s for this reason that we’re proud to introduce Relentless GDPR 247’s data mapping tool. With just a few quick clicks of a mouse, you can create an easy-to-follow data map which gives you a comprehensive overview of your processing activities in accordance with GDPR Article 30.

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Platform Features

  • Compliance assessments
  • Data Breach Management
  • Data mapping
  • Data Processor Management
  • Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Management
  • Legal Contract Management
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Privacy Policy Management
  • Status reports
  • Third-party assessments.

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