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Compliance with the EU’s new data protection regulation is complex and requires team to work effectively together. GDPR 24/7 intuitive interface and thoughtful workflows simplify the compliance process by organising it into clear, simple assignable tasks via a cloud-based hub.
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Data mapping and compliance with GDPR Article 30

First step to GDPR compliance

Data mapping is an audit of this kind. It’s a visualisation tool that makes it easy for an organisation to see how data flows through its systems. This is useful, because understanding what personal data you process and where you process that data is critical to understanding and managing potential data protection risks. Data mapping, therefore, is an essential preparation for GDPR compliance. It shows the type of personal data an organisation holds, where it’s kept and in what format, who it belongs to, who has access to it, and with whom it’s shared. Data mapping also helps an organisation respond to data subject requests and facilitate the provision of the GDPR’s new data subject rights such as rectification, erasure and portability.

Dedicated Mapping Tool

So, how to start mapping the personal data your organisation holds? The easiest and most thorough way would be to use a data mapping tool offered by a dedicated GDPR service provider. Relentless GDPR 247’s data mapping tool, for example, collects details relating to the data flows in your organisation and generates a record of all your personal data processing activities. A data mapping exercise of this kind also documents the relationships between data controllers and data processors and enables you to provide up-to-date records of your data processing activities as required by Article 30 of the GDPR. Data mapping is, in other words, critical to GDPR compliance and one of the first things you need to do in preparation for your initial, and ongoing, compliance with the new regulation. Knowing where your data is going and how it treated are the key to GDPR. If you don’t yet have a compliance programme in place, there’d be absolutely no harm in registering for a trial of GDPR365 and seeing exactly what you’re going to need to do to become compliant

Worldwide Data Privacy, Relentless GDPR 24/7, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom

How to prove your GDPR compliance now?

Showing compliance

What would you do if the authorities asked to see your compliance efforts? Would you be able to produce an understandable data map of where and how personal information flows through your business? Will your privacy notice 100% up to date? How long would it take for you to generate a status report on your GDPR compliance? For many businesses, being able to prove GDPR compliance would be a matter of stopping ops and pulling it all together – in a panic. The regulation is a reality and isn’t going away, so it’s probably wise to get your business to a point where you can produce a data map in a day, have a system to ensure that your privacy notice is always current, and that you can generate a status report within a couple of days.

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