Are you tired of experiencing inadequate protection support for your organization data?

Our PDPA outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) is waiting for that role


Don’t get stranded from lacking protection, support, or advice for your organization data. We provide all of our clients with a knowledgeable and experienced Data Protection Officer (DPO) that tackles your organization’s challenges.

Using the service of our Data Protection Officer will show that your organization takes data protection seriously. In the view of your clients, it assurances them that there’s a dedicated person available to maintain compliance and handle privacy-related tasks.

With our impeccable outsourced DPO services, your company can get access to both expert guidance and practical support for board-level data privacy tasks, including:

  • Monitoring, management, and reporting of issues concerning data breach.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments assistance.
  • Design and creation of policies and procedures.
  • Development and maintenance of your Personal Data Processing Register.
  • Maintenance of Data Mapping
  • Maintenance Record of Processing Activities
  • The organization of policy and contract reviews
  • Designing a data governance structure
  • Serving as your organization’s official point of contact to data
  • Manages all data protection issues.

Even with the above-mentioned services from our Data Protection Officer, there are still lots of benefits attached when you use Relentless Data privacy, which includes:

  • 1 day per month of dedicated support working solely for your organization onsite/ virtually.
  • Unlimited Support Calls.
  • Unlimited Email Support.
  • Monthly C board-level report.

At Relentless, our Data Protection Officer (DPO) has the correct qualifications and expertise in international and European -data protection laws, with an in-depth understanding of business practices that will allow them to secure and control both data security and data protection of any organization. Whether you are running a larger or small enterprise, outsourcing the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) will allow your organization to deal with complex, multinational data protection legislation and other regulatory demands.

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With the use of centralized technology, and streamlined structure we strive to serve all clients with the highest level of efficiency. It’s this improved determination along with modern resources that aid us in providing a unique model and approach to clients. We have received many compliance and assurance based on our experience for being committed throughout the past 20 years because of the personalized and responsive service we provide.


We make sure that all clients project is completed successfully according to the initial requirements to build long-term business value of their compliance and privacy assurance strategies ensuring their global operations remain within the law.