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In today’s data privacy world, knowing your data privacy status  across all regions worldwide is a huge resource sapping exercise . Organizations of all sizes covering every industry must strategically guard against threats to their data, intellectual property and assets, implementing appropriate security, protection and risk prevention management practices as data breaches escalate and data  regulatory pressures exponentially increase worldwide.

Global privacy needs a global reach — from the  America’s north and south to Europe, EMEA and Asia —  Our worldwide experience ensures the Relentless team can  meet the requirements and standards of multinational clients and provide seasoned up-to-the-minute advice in multiple jurisdictions with varying data privacy regulations.

Our Global Services

Privacy and data security concerns touch each and every part of an organisations operations. From advice on data processing locations  to implementing compliant processing, security and storage requirements for data, the Relentless team has vast experience monitoring regulatory, legal changes, compliance and risk hurdles and developing bespoke  data protection and incident response plans to respond to external and internal threat environments.

Relentless  Privacy & Data Protection has built its data privacy services from the ground up including

  • Privacy by Design
  • Privacy Engineering
  • Data Governance, including Privacy Policies and Notices
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Data Classification and Trade Secrets Protection
  • Data Life Cycle Management
  • Incident Response Plans and Tabletop Exercises
  • Information Security Risk Assessments and Maturity Assessments
Worldwide Data Privacy, Global Data Privacy Service, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom

Each new data privacy legislation presents  the challenge of policy and contract review and updates. Relentless Legal team will advise and more importantly deliver compliance to those challenges whilst you take care and execute upon your business operations.

Worldwide Data Privacy, Global Data Privacy Service, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom

Privacy  engagements take us to a variety of client locations and likewise to diverse industry sectors, It’s proof that data privacy cannot be a one size fits all solution further more clients are different and so must their compliance solution.

The Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act “the act”

The Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“the Act”) was written into law  on 15 November 2013. “The Act” mandates that businesses in Malaysia assume additional responsibilities and requirements when it comes to the processing of personal data of their...

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What is the APEC Privacy Framework and the Cross-Border Privacy Rules? And Who has signed up to it      The APEC Privacy Framework is a set of principles and implementation requirements that were created in order to be an enabler to effective privacy...

Comparing South Korea Personal Information Protection Act to GDPR

Comparing South Korea Personal Information Protection Act to GDPR   South Korea’s substantial Personal Information Protection Act ( PIPA) was enacted on Sept. 30, 2011.  PIPA is known for being one of the world’s strictest privacy administrations.  PIPA has many...

Changes to Hong Kong’s Data Privacy Law: What They May Mean For Your Business

In the wake of a massive data security breach in 2018, Hong Kong is finally carrying out a much needed overview of it’s PDPO data protection regulation. Relentless Privacy & Compliance outline the upcoming changes and the impact on global businesses.   When...

GDPR and LGPD: The Differences between the EU and Brazil’s Data Protection Laws Your Business Needs to Know

As Brazil readies itself for the arrival of its new General Data Protection Act in February 2020, we outline how it differs from GDPR, and what those differences mean for businesses like yours. It's a familiar story that's been told with ever-increasing frequency over...

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The latest country to follow in the EU’s data protection footsteps, Thailand is gearing up for the arrival of its first bill to protect individuals’ personal data rights, but what does this mean for your business? Relentless’ global data privacy experts have the answers.Thailand’s relationship with the concept of privacy has always been a curious one to say the least. For years, the idea that individuals have a right to privacy was a key part of the country’s national constitution, albeit one without any kind of law or regulation forcing businesses to uphold that right.

How the California Consumer Privacy Act Affects Your Business Everything You need to Know

How the California Consumer Privacy Act Affects Your Business Everything You need to Know Did you know that the new California privacy law could have an impact on your business, even if you’re not based in the Golden State? Discover what the CCPA means for you, and...

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What Your Business Needs to Know China’s National Standards on Information Security Technology - Personal Information Security Specification has drawn comparisons to GDPR, but how closely are the two really linked? Here, Relentless Privacy & Compliance outline the...

A Guide to Singapore Data protection Act PPDA

Data Protection in Singapore: How PDPA Impacts Your Business   Thanks to its close relationships with the EU, the US, and with other Asian countries, Singapore remains a major player on the world stage. For many domestic and international businesses alike, these...


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