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In today’s data privacy world, knowing your data privacy status  across all regions worldwide is a huge resource sapping exercise . Organizations of all sizes covering every industry must strategically guard against threats to their data, intellectual property and assets, implementing appropriate security, protection and risk prevention management practices as data breaches escalate and data  regulatory pressures exponentially increase worldwide.

Global privacy needs a global reach — from the  America’s north and south to Europe, EMEA and Asia —  Our worldwide experience ensures the Relentless team can  meet the requirements and standards of multinational clients and provide seasoned up-to-the-minute advice in multiple jurisdictions with varying data privacy regulations.

From startups to multinational organisations, business entrepreneurs , data privacy officers and board of directors across all industry sectors are searching  for knowledgeable and experienced advisors for their mission-critical operations and data compliance issues. Whether advising clients in financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, cloud computing, online retailing, internet advertising or manufacturing, the Relentless global Privacy & Data Protection team is known for its flexible immersive and data-driven solutions. At Relentless our team  takes a practical approach and provides global inclusive compliance strategies and solutions for international data transfers, data assessments for new and enhanced product launches, and assistance with data security breaches.

Our Global Services

Privacy and data security concerns touch each and every part of an organisations operations. From advice on data processing locations  to implementing compliant processing, security and storage requirements for data, the Relentless team has vast experience monitoring regulatory, legal changes, compliance and risk hurdles and developing bespoke  data protection and incident response plans to respond to external and internal threat environments.

Relentless  Privacy & Data Protection has built its data privacy services from the ground up including

  • Privacy by Design
  • Privacy Engineering
  • Data Governance, including Privacy Policies and Notices
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Data Classification and Trade Secrets Protection
  • Data Life Cycle Management
  • Incident Response Plans and Tabletop Exercises
  • Information Security Risk Assessments and Maturity Assessments

Worldwide Data Privacy, Global Data Privacy Service, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom

Each new data privacy legislation presents  the challenge of policy and contract review and updates. Relentless Legal team will advise and more importantly deliver compliance to those challenges whilst you take care and execute upon your business operations.

Worldwide Data Privacy, Global Data Privacy Service, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom

Privacy  engagements take us to a variety of client locations and likewise to diverse industry sectors, It’s proof that data privacy cannot be a one size fits all solution further more clients are different and so must their compliance solution.


Regions Covered

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • EMEA
  • North America



Worldwide Data Privacy, Global Data Privacy Service, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom
Worldwide Data Privacy, Global Data Privacy Service, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom


Over 100 countries have comprehensive data protection laws and the number is growing



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Worldwide Data Privacy, Global Data Privacy Service, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom



We keep our clients  success  in focus in everything we do.


Worldwide Data Privacy, Global Data Privacy Service, Relentless Data Privacy and Compliance | Birmingham| United Kingdom

GDPR Challenges with Indie Video Game Developers, Game Publishers, Streaming Platforms,and their Partners

As the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was written into law on May 25, 2018, many organizations such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft were quick to provide updated privacy policies, SCC contracts  and data processing addendums to customers and...

How GDPR has Raised the Bar in Data Management for the Hotel Sector

The hotel industry is considered to be one of the  most targeted industries for data threats, as a result of  hotels processing , and in almost all cases store long term, a very high volume of guests’ personal information and payment card transactions daily.  ...

Relentless GDPR 24/7 The Easy Way to Manage Compliance as GDPR Reaches the Year of Enforcement

Relentless GDPR 24/7 is the new  Platform for all your GDPR Compliance Activities.   Can you believe it's been almost a full year since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) arrived on the scene?   It seems like only yesterday that businesses across...

The GDPR: what organisations in the transport sector need to do now

On  25 May 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) came into effect across the  28 member states of the EU. The GDPR has had a significant impact on those who collect, use, share  and otherwise process “personal data.”   How is personal data...

What is GDPR? and What Marketers Need To Be Aware Of?

Data is the new gold of the online world its value increases daily but never reduces in price or fluctuates like the gold market. To the large tech companies like FaceBook, Google. Twitter, Instagram the consumer data is categorised as a product, and one that their...

Managing GDPR Within the Complexity of Vendor Management

If tasked with ensuring your organisation achieves compliance with the  General Data Protection Regulation is not difficult enough, the task of putting in place a strategy by which you can manage the GDPR compliance of the people you outsource the processing of your customers personal data ( data processors) seem like the mountain stages of the tour de france.

Privacy by Design and by Default and how to reap its benefits

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enhanced  European data privacy rules significantly. The introduction of ‘Privacy by Design’ and ‘Privacy by Default’ make up two of these enhancements . Although new as a legal requirement under the GDPR, these...

GDPR Data Controller vs. Data Processor Explained

There are many a conversation happening taking place over the responsibilities and accountability of  data controllers and data processors. Both have responsibilities under the GDPR, but their obligations to the regulation  differs. Predominantly, data controllers have more accountability and liability, but processors have new responsibilities and new added layers of liability written into their roles.

Data Privacy Impact Assessments ( DPIA) A key element of privacy by design

Data Protection Impact Assessments Data protection impact assessments (DPIAs)assist  organisations to identify, assess and alleviate or diminish  privacy risks with personal data processing activities. They’re particularly needed  when new data processing process,...

SAAS & GDPR: Why Your Business Needs a Data Protection Impact Assessment When Migrating to the Cloud

That new cloud app may help your business work smarter, but did you know that it could be impacting your GDPR compliance? Relentless Privacy & Compliance explain how.   From accounting to marketing, managing day-to-day office functionality to making those...


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