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Implementing a privacy framework for the PDPA regulations can be daunting. But with a well-planned out privacy framework program compliance can easily be achieved

At Relentless we have designed a PDPA assessment gap analysis, and implementation plan that is built from the ground up and at every department level to meet the complex needs and operations of the school capturing all data collection points from parent enquiry to admissions and into school life.

The service contains the following elements

  • PDPA Privacy assessment built on Internationally recognised standards
  • Full gap analysis and remediation report
  • Full data discovery and data mapping of all personal data processing activities
  • Register of processing activities including lawful basis and retention periods
  • Data privacy awareness campaign material
  • PDPA Training Customised to school operations
  • Ongoing Outsourced DPO (Data Protection Officer) services available.
  • We also cover GDPR for recruitment of UK staff and EU Alumni data processing


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Dedicated Data Mapping Tool

Data mapping is essential to achieving and maintaining PDPA compliance, making it easy for any business to track and make sense of all collected data and data processing activities.

A data map can prove invaluable in outlining exactly what types of data you hold, where that data is stored and who has access to it. Used correctly, a data map can also help you manage tasks relating to data subject rights such as access requests, data rectification and ‘the right to be forgotten.’

It’s for this reason that we’re proud to introduce Relentless GDPR 247’s data mapping tool. With just a few quick clicks of a mouse, you can create an easy-to-follow data map which gives you a comprehensive overview of your processing activities in accordance with PDPA requirements To try out for yourself, sign up for your free 14-day trial of GDPR 24/7 today.

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We asked Robert to come in and do an audit for us in the lead up the introduction of PDPA in Thailand. He spent a week with us and was forensic in his approach. His report has left us a lot to think about and act upon. Compared to other firms offering the same thing, the price was very reasonable and they have experience in the SE Asia market, so the advice is refreshingly specific rather than generic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Relentless Privacy Services

Dr T. J. Jefferis, Second Master


At relentless we have helped companies from startups to PLC’s our
services are rich, comprehensive, and built for every budget

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