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Why Hire an External UK Data Protection Representative?

On January 31st, 2020, the United Kingdom officially withdrew from the European Union. Naturally, this has had an impact on the way both UK and EU organisations manage their data protection practices.

In the run-up to Brexit, the UK government confirmed that some non-UK data controllers (including those in the EU) would need to appoint a UK Data Protection Representative if they processed data of UK subjects.

Meanwhile, GDPR itself has led to a rise in Article 27 representation services as British businesses which process the data of EU subjects are required to appoint an EU-based representative.

Wherever you’re based, hiring an external GDPR representative in the UK helps you meet those requirements without the added costs of an internal hire and with none of the hassle that comes from putting extra responsibilities on an existing staff member.

At Relentless Privacy and Compliance, our team of experienced data privacy experts provide the kind of professional representation your organisation needs most, whether that’s:

  • EU Representation to organisations from outside the EEA
  • UK Representation to organizations from outside the EEA, post Brexit
  • EU Representation for UK & other organisations outside the EEA, post-Brexit

As your official point of contact, we represent your organisation in discussions with supervisory authorities, manage  Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) on your behalf and even maintain your Records of Processing Activities (RoPA).

In doing so, we help you take a proactive approach to GDPR compliance while freeing up your in-house staff and resources to work on your key business goals.

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Comprehensive UK Representation Service

As your trusted GDPR representative, we take pride in delivering the best possible value for your money, which is why all of our expert guidance and practical support is available for one affordable monthly fee.

As part of our packaged service, we act in your name and on your behalf throughout the whole UK for all UK GDPR 2018 matters.

This includes:

  • Unlimited support with Data Subject Access Requests from UK data subjects
  • Unlimited and comprehensive support with data breaches
  • Unlimited support with requests from DPA ICO in the UK
  • Unlimited handling of all discussions with EU and UK supervisory authorities.

You’ll also receive:

    • A genuine GDPR Article 27 compliance certificate
    • Permission to use Relentless Privacy & Compliance branding and contact details on your website
    • Ongoing advice on GDPR and data protection.

Why choose Relentless as Your Article 27 Representative?

Listed as an official vendor by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), Relentless Privacy & Compliance have spent the past 20 years developing an enviable reputation as one of the industry’s leading international data protection specialists.

Proudly serving clients across Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, India, and Australia, we combine our years of experience with up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of data protection laws to help our clients achieve frictionless compliance with GDPR.

GDPR Article 27 Compliance Certificate

With more and more people concerned about how companies use their data, inspiring consumer confidence has never been more important for modern businesses.

That’s why, when you hire us as your UK data protection representative, we issue you with an Article 27 Compliance certificate which demonstrates to your customers that you’re doing all you can to ensure complete compliance with data protection law

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