Your employees are uniquely positioned to help boost your customer engagement. You will have key staff members who are your front-line ‘face of the company’ members that deliver and enhance your customer experience. These key members of staff need to be chosen carefully for their positive mental attitude because customers cannot help but to respond positively to upbeat, warm and friendly treatment.


From a manager’s point of view, these ‘front-line’ members of your team are in a position to observe and monitor your customers experience on a regular basis. They are in the best position to feed back to you any subtle changes in customer attitude and opinion to any changed to the products or services you offer.


CRM, or customer relationship management, is a very important factor for the success or ultimate failure of your business. Customers are key, and you want to ensure that each and every individual customer has a positive and pleasant experience while dealing with you. It is the thought and care that goes into the customer experience that will keep your customers loyal, and encourage them to come back for more.


Switched on company leaders understand the influence that their employees have on their customer experience, and will actively seek out ways to improve and build even more quality into customer engagement. It is in their best interests to build a winning team that can deliver great service every time through CRM.


There is an ever present danger that inexperienced company leaders will become so detached from their customer base that their focus becomes company-centric, and will put into place working schemes that better for the leaders, investors and shareholders. But without a solid and loyal customer base, there really will be no business!


A customer-centric business on the other hand is built through good customer relationship management. Listening to what the customer wants via regular feedback will enable a good manager to tweak their customer experience for the better, and the customer will feel important that they were part of the mission to improve your customer services.


To start off with, you will need to understand your customer inside and out, and be able to build a full 360 degree picture of your customer to be able to fully meet their needs and requirements. You can help this task by using good CRM software, and there are a few good systems available that can be tailored to suit your needs.


By conducting regular customer feedback sessions, implementing positive changes within your service, and then feeding back to your customers the results of their involvement, you will be building good levels of customer engagement.


You should always reward your front-line employees when they serve customers well, especially when customers are taking the time to leave positive feedback about individual staff members. This will not only encourage employees to keep up the good work, but compliments are infectious, and will boost overall team morale.


Research has proven that staff who work for a customer-centric company are six times more likely to be fully engaged with their work, which in turn leads to much higher levels of customer engagement. At the end of the day every company needs to delight their customers, and establishing good CRM practices is the key to all this.


You can use specialist’s tools such as CRM programmes to conduct market research campaigns, manage social media interaction, and help to build a 360 degree profile of your customer, but this is only one piece of the puzzle. Your employees on the ground who are customer-facing in their job every single day are the ones who can actively engage with customers, listen to their needs, and feedback to you about their experiences.


Employees should be encouraged to feedback to their managers about customer engagement and reaction to new promotions, products, marketing techniques etc. This can be easily done via access to an online company forum for example, where they can discuss feedback and ideas with other staff members and managers. Or if using a CRM programme, granting access to the system to allow them to make notes.


Most modern CRM programmes can be tailored to suit your individual company needs, so provision should be built within your system to allow for input from customer-facing staff, especially while trying out a new service being offered, or when a new product is being launched to customers. It is a great way to get real-time, honest customer reactions and opinions.


CRM software packages, whether online or stand-alone, can be a great tool for a growing business, and an essential piece of kit for large companies, but the most valuable customer relationship tool a business owner can possess is their own staff that are in a unique position with direct involvement with customers. It is the human touch that provides great customer service, be that face-to-face, over the telephone, or via online interaction.

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